Let’s Get Checked — Instructions
Let’s Get Checked is a brand with a purpose to empower their customers to live longer, happier lives. They provide a varied selection of medical home testing kits to enable early detection of illness. During my time at Zero-G, I worked on updating the instructions that are sent out to customers once they order a testing kit. A key consideration was to simplify the existing instructions to create  a better user experience and minimise confusion as the user went through the steps. Diagrams were switched to photographs to humanise the process and clarify the instructions. The use of brand illustrations softened the tone and the steps were bundled together as sub-steps to simplify the process. The format was also updated from a fold-out to a booklet to enable more space and create areas of clear hierarchy.     
Design Team
Jason Delahunty
Ciarán O’Gaora

Johnny Savage