La Finta Giardiniera
An opera poster and programme designed during my final year in IADT in collaboration with the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. The design outcome stems from the duality each character in the opera displays throughout the piece, flicking from sanity to insanity. Two contrasting typefaces were used to hint at the idea of two opposing states of mind. The jarring outcome is a reference to broken glass and a shattered state of mind. It is also meant to hint at the overlaps between the romantic desires of each of the characters and how tangled their lives are.
This project was awarded the winner of the 2018 IDI Awards in the category of Printed Material.
This project was commended in the 2018 IDI Awards in the category of Typography in Design. 

Process work
The above two images map out the process I went through at the beginning of the project, exploring different layouts, colours and type treatments. While I believe it is important to show the finished piece, I think it is equally important to show the journey of a project, mapping out the design decisons.