Picking up the Pieces
A motion project completed during my third year in IADT in partnership with a final year film student promoting their final film. The deliverables were the opening titles for the film, a promotional poster and a designed DVD case. My particular film told the story of a single mother and her young son, struggling to make end’s meet and the build up to their eviction. Through the visual metaphor of torn crumpled paper, I hoped to convey the idea of something fragile, that could be broken or destroyed while also making reference to a past experience.

This project was exhibited in the 6th AGRAFA International Design Conference in Katowice in 2019 in the Animation category.
The below two images map out the iterative process I went through during this project, testing out frame layouts and developing a storyboard. While I believe it is important to show the finished piece, I think it is equally important to show the journey of a project, mapping out the design decisons.