Bláthanna: Irish Spaces in Flower
Bláthanna is a publication designed for the team in Appassionata flowers in Dublin. This book was designed during my time in WorkGroup under the creative direction of the studio. It is primarily an image book with complimentary stories throughout. The beautiful floral arrangements were created by the Appassionata team and shot by Sean Breithaupt and Yvette Monahan. Each chapter in the book was shot in a different location around Ireland and tells the story of the shoot. The book was printed by Graphicom in Italy and officially launched in the Westbury Hotel in Dublin in November 2019. It is available to buy here.
Design Team
David Wall
Conor Nolan

Sean Breithaupt
Yvette Monahan

Above are some process shots of the printing of Bláthanna by Graphicom in Italy.